"My personal approach to Yoga...

... invites peoples to maintain a steady focus on the condtitions that lead to the awakening, natural release and elongation of the spine . These conditions lay in the relationships between the structure, the movements of breathing, and the pull of gravity from beneath. In attending to 'the conditions', the spine becomes free of the dull heaviness that the body and breath usually exert on the spine, and it becomes free to express and move as it chooses."

"The approach leads to a 'felt-sense' means of self-adjustment that is far more accurate than any 'shape-making' correction. It can be surprisingly demanding work as it involves working with the whole body in order to remove conflict in a particular area, but is absolutely suitable for all levels of understanding and flexibility."

"The work is in attending to 'the conditions' - arriving in the posture becomes relatively inconsequential, in that it is a simple release into movement. But the process re-organises the body's structure to respond to gravity from the centre. Movement and strength can then evolve naturally with a glorious sense of 'udoing', re-educating the nervous system as well as releasing, re-balancing and strengthening the body."

Marc J Acquaviva

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(aka Marc Woolford)