The basic principal behind the physical practice of yoga is extremely simple ...

... in every posture, we are looking for STRUCTURAL support.

As simple as this idea is, the reality of putting this basic intention into practice is one of the most difficult things you can do physically ... in all postures, without exception, the forces of support - whether it is gravity, the movements of breathing, or our muscular efforts - these forces need to work together in a way that travels THROUGH THE AXIS of the structure and joints.

This single principle, if adhered to, will give you a way developing your yoga practice in an extremely accurate way, that will bring health to all aspects of physical function. It will also liberate the spine and breath from postural distortions, which has a profound effect on state of mind and energy levels.

Of course there are other common sense principles that are equally accurate, but they are mostly about how to make this simple principle possible, and if understood well they will lead you back to the foundation. The information and clarity of detail that develops is never-ending, but what is developed is simplicity. Its a lifetime's work, a fascinating journey to be enjoyed for its own sake. BUT, rest assured, engaging with the journey will give you all the side benefits of good yoga practice ... well-being in mind and body, good health and longevity, improved clarity of mind and purpose, and of course if you add meditation, contemplation and creativity, a life well spent.

When you work with simple common sense principles, you can't help but take them into your daily life. We start to find ongoing support through our entire bodies from the way we meet the ground, and our energies can go into engaging with the world around us and being alive, rather than into holding ourselves up and dragging ourselves around ... we learn how to enjoy the way we do everything, from the way we sit in front of the computer to how you might use equipment in the gym ... even doing the washing up or how to clean our teeth becomes interesting. Our yoga practice not only informs our lives, but can also brings us into the present moment in everything we do.

Marc J Acquaviva


Yoga ... the fundamental principles

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(aka Marc Woolford)