A class is an opportunity...

.... to devote regular time to to your practice without the usual distractions of the home, and with the right teacher you will hopefully be inspired to put into practice what you discover about your body...

Attending a regular class with myself or with any of the teachers that have qualified at the AcquaViva School of Yoga, you will steadily build an experientail understanding of the fundamental principles behind this 'Scaravel;i inspired' approach to the work.

Essentially you will gradually become more and more familiar with what the Conditions are that inevitably allow your deeper nature in movement to awaken... and you will begin to recognize it directly because the movements that it leads to are organic, satisfying in their whole-heartedness, and despite any degree of effort and intensity, it can be completely stress free.

These principles are very simple to understand, and nigh on impossible to actually achieve, but if you make them your source intent behind practice , Yoga immediately becomes a vast resourcefor self-inquiry... and it has the potential to transform not only the way you move and breathe in the world, but also theway you perceive and respond to it...

This to me is the practice of Yoga, and these are the principles that drive any teacher that is sanctioned by an AcquaViva qualification....


Occasional Class with marc

If a few people wish to work with me at once (max 5), I can hold a 2 hour session at my home

(@ 15 Ranelagh Villas (flat 2)
tel : 07866 512 885)


This class is really an indulgence for me as well as for those that really want a space to go very deep. This class will generally need to be during the week...

contact me if you are interested
Cost: £100

T & Cs apply

Classes ...

Yoga with Marc





scaravelli inspired dog pose



(aka Marc Woolford)