Private tuition is one of the best ways to develop your practice...

... this was how yoga was originally taught, and is the most accurate way of directly transmitting the depth and subtle accuracy of practice.

If you are involved with body work of any kind, one to one sessions will offer you fundamental principles to work with that will have a profound effect on whatever you choose to apply them to... you will discover new levels of strength and integration in your structure and a new degree of fluidity in your movements.

If you have some reoccurring postural issue or an old injury that continues to affect your quality of life, private sessions can offer you ways of re-inventing movement and support that will redress the issue at its source.

Whether you are just starting in your yoga or have been practicing most of your life, Marc offers expert guidance that will help you develop a practice that will best serve your current and ongoing needs.

'Hands on' is a very rapid way of transmitting the work, but Marc also offers an online service via Skype for those that don't live in the vacinity...

If you wish to develop depth and accuracy in your personal practice in the comfort of your own home ...

... I offer one to one tuition via Skype. All you need is a webcam and a space to practice that can be viewed from your computer. The format of these sessions is usually based on something you wish to refine/resolve ... (a particular posture, the purpose of which escapes you, or that you would just like to be able to approach well... or the point of inquiry could be a joint problem, a back pain etc. etc).

This way the session can be geared to developing your direct understanding and experience of what needs to change.

Skype sessions are surprisingly effective . The way I work is to use my understanding to help trace a body issue or block, back to the conflict that is at its source. I then guide you through a few postures and keep reminding you to centre your awareness on creating the right conditions that will remove the conflict and therefore relieve you of some of its symptoms. Adjustments are instructed through your 'felt-sense' experience, which leads to extremely accurate alignments (as they are about relationships rather than 'external shape'.

Working 'differently' will by definition be challenging for the body, but the benefits of the adjustments that are made can be felt immediately or directly after the experience, so you will gain authority in your felt-sense understanding of Yoga that will liberate your personal practice .

Skype sessions also have the advantage of building a good regular practice in your own home.

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If you have any questions about working with me via Skype, please feel free to contact me via this website here, or you can contact medirectly on Skype (my Skype name is 'marcwoolford').

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Private tuition, in person or online via Skype

Yoga with Marc

Marc talks to Anna about her experience of Skype sessions :

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